What is a Blog, Anyways?

I was at the southern terminus of the AT just 2 short months ago for a section hike.

I was at the southern terminus of the AT just 2 short months ago for a section hike.

So I’m going to go ahead and start this blog (I honestly have no idea what a blog is, so if I’m using this term wrong, someone please let me know) in preparation for my thru-hike adventure on the Appalachian Trail.  This is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember – the trail, not the blog. For those of you who don’t know, I was recently laid off after three years of hard work by a company for whom I genuinely enjoyed working.  I found myself not really knowing what to do with my life and in a position where I had the time, the money, and the spousal support to take a shot at one of my dreams.  It’s been about three days since the decision was made to go through with this plan and I’ve spent the majority of my time planning, buying a few last minute necessities, and trying to prepare both my family and myself for potentially six months of my being gone and unemployed. 

 This is how I arrived at this point:  I’ve decided to try to share this endeavor with those who are bored enough in their daily routine to follow along or find themselves genuinely interested in my progress.  Additionally, my family (and some of you, for that matter) may wish to keep up with my location to either come visit me somewhere on the trail or simply send me a care package.  My plan is to write an update each day along with a few memorable pictures.  Knowing myself, it’ll probably end up being a six month hike with a handful of updates and photos.  Although, I’d really like to follow through with this to both complete the trail and document it.  I feel like it’d allow me to revisit the scenery, the emotions, and the adventure when the thrill has worn down and I’m back to reality.  Feel free to bookmark the page and check in regularly.

 That’s all for tonight, I just wanted to go ahead and get this thing set up and try to figure it out so the learning curve is minimal when I’m on the trail.  If you’ve read until this point and you still plan to keep up with me, I appreciate the support and look forward to sharing this adventure of a lifetime with you.


9 thoughts on “What is a Blog, Anyways?

  1. I’ve got to give it to you bro, this pretty awesome! Be careful and I wish you the best of luck. I will be checking up on you from time to time. I look forward to seeing your progress.


  2. Boomer,

    I know it has being some difficult for you, and your family. Summer and I always keep you guys on our prayers. I will sure keep upbwith your progress and be carfull because that’s were the wrong turn,and the people have eyes movies were film. You might run across some of those wierdos. Well any ways good luck on your adventure.


  3. Boomer, I’m sorry to hear about this unexpected turn in your life. Know that you will be in my prayers. I’ll be following your journey, and checking in with you from time to time. In the meantime – “Consider it a great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.” – James 1:2-4

    I hope, during this journey, you may find yourself. More importantly, I hope you will find the comfort and strength that comes from our Father. Through Him, all questions are answered. Be safe, and may the love and grace of God travel with you, my friend.


  4. Chris, I’m so proud of you to make this commitment. There are people in this world that talk the big talk and there are people that follow their dreams and do what they feel is right. Dig deep my friend because you will be challenged both physically and mentally. But that’s what we are here for, to encourage you and support you on your journey. If ever your travels become overwhelming remember that he is with you always and your friends and family support you 100%. Gods speed my friend and safe travels.


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