Day 12, March 22nd

I woke up this morning and decided to get in the hot tub and stretch.  Best idea ever.  I felt great afterwards. 

My family dropped me off at Dick’s Creek Gap around 11:00 and we had to wait about an hour on the rest of the guys to get there in the Budget Inn shuttle.  When they got there, 6’12” told me to pick up his pack and I’m pretty sure it weighed close to a million pounds.  He informed me that he had surprises for when we crossed into NC.  That’s right, today is the day we cross our first state line. 

We took off shortly after to an immediate 1,000′ climb.  Great.  I had to stop about 300′ in so I could downgrade my clothes.  It was way too hot.  After I changed, I took off again and stopped at the first water source I saw to go ahead and camel up.  Beer = dehydration.  After wasting about another 30 minutes there, I was finally ready to hike.

The weather turned to crap again so I didn’t take many pictures.  I’m considering switching to an umbrella setup so I can keep taking pictures even when it’s raining.  Until then, I apologize. 

Again, I went into autopilot and just started going.  I did stop and take a few pictures, though.  I felt it was only appropriate to snap this picture, considering my mom’s side of the family is from Georgia and also mostly named Cowart. 

I can taste the biscuits…

I kept going and saw this sign.  Although I’ve seen a million of them, I just wanted to take a picture of this one. 


Trudging along, we finally made it to the most anticlimactic (read: truly amazing) sign I’ve ever seen.  It really isn’t much, and in the grand scheme of things, we’ve done less than 5% of the trail.  However, in the driving rain, fog, and cold weather, this truly was an awesome sight. 


It was pretty cold and super wet so I decided to just set up the hammock immediately, crawl in, and try to warm up.  I think it was about 30 minutes later when 6’12” reached under the tarp, opened the zipper to my bug net, and threw this in: 


We met another group of people in this camp that we get along with pretty well, so we may hang out with them for a few days.  Who knows? 

So far I’m still feeling pretty well.  I’ll admit, today was pretty foul because of the weather.  Crossing into North Carolina did a lot for my spirits, as well.  It was pretty cool to work so hard to make it back to my home state.  I really hope the trail in NC is better than Georgia.  Somehow, I feel responsible for it.  I feel like the guys I’m with will hold me personally accountable for the trail in NC.  Regardless, I’m feeling really well and looking forward to whatever is ahead. 

My Fitbit is acting crazy so I’m not going to be able to update steps until I get it sorted out.


One thought on “Day 12, March 22nd

  1. Cowart Gap – how awesome is that!? Grandma Shuster will love seeing that 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us – keep on pushin’ Love you!


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