Day 15, March 25th

I woke up this morning and could hardly move.  Looks like I may have overdone it a bit yesterday.  No worries, only four miles and then two zero days in a row.  Should be nice. 

The day started with Eugene eating the severely misshapen version of the Pop Tarts that 6’12” had given him.  This is what it looked like: 


6’12” and DABS left a lot earlier than us so they could try to get to the gap first and head into town.  Eugene and I took a bit longer and made sure no one had forgotten anything in camp.  A few minutes later, we headed up the trail and on our way, we saw this sign when we came through Rock Gap. 


Just a bit more on the trail and we came to a paved road with a sign leading people to Standing Indian Campground.  It was strange to realize someone could be there in a matter of minutes when it had taken us two days to make it here, from there.


On that same paved road, someone had congratulated thru-hikers in a very North Carolina sort of way. 


We had to walk up a portion of the trail that seemed like it wasn’t more than about 18″ wide and dropped straight down to a paved road.  It wasn’t too high, but, I know it would have hurt to have fallen off and landed on the road from that height.  Notice the hard working NCDOT gentlemen in the background.  They didn’t move for roughly 15 minutes. 


Fortunately, there was a water source right up the trail because I didn’t drink enough water the night before after all the hiking and had forgotten to fill up before leaving this morning.  We stopped for a few minutes and cameled up before heading on down the trail. 


About an hour and a half later, we made it to Winding Stair Gap which was our end point for the day.  I took this picture of the sign that’s right there where the trail meets US 64. 


That was it for hiking for the day.  There was a gentleman named Rodney who was doing trail magic at the gap.  I spoke with him for a bit and he offered to take Eugene and I into town.  6’12” had already booked a room at the Microtel Inn and Suites, so we were on our way to hot showers and laundry.  After we finished up with that, we wasted no time seeing to our respective injuries.  A bit later, 6’12” and I went to the FATZ Cafe in the parking lot, only to learn their grill was broken.  We took the public transportation to run a few errands around town before revisiting the FATZ Cafe, now with a working grill.  After a massive burgers and a few drinks, we were calling it a night. 

When we got back, Eugene had made a trip to the grocery store and was using my bed as a sorting table for his rations.


The best part of today was that Eugene finally got a trail name: Rocky Dennis.  Here’s a picture of Eugene.  If you don’t already know, just Google it.


I think, since I’m planning two zero days, I may rent a car tomorrow morning and drive home to visit my family for a few days.  I figure I won’t have the opportunity to do this for the entire length of the trail, so I should go ahead and take advantage of the close proximity, while I have it.  That’s it for today, sorry it was so short; but, nothing really happened.  The next two days should prove to be fairly uneventful, apart from NCAA basketball.  I hope Carolina loses and NC State wins.  If State does win, I’m going to be in a bind on Sunday trying to figure out where/how to watch the game while I’m back on the trail. 

Working on the Fitbit and should probably have it sorted within a day or so.


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