Day 20, March 30th

Today was a good day.

We got up early, had breakfast at the lodge, and got dropped off back at Wayah Bald.  We didn’t go up to the tower yesterday, so that’s where we started the day, today.

Wayah Bald Tower video

Since we were slackpacking, we knew we could make really good time so we took off.  The weather wasn’t great so I just didn’t stop.  I took these pictures during the first half of the day, but that’s it.


Our plan to let the trail dry out didn’t work…

I made pretty good time, even walking through that crap.  When I got to Tellico Gap, I had covered nine and a half miles in exactly three hours.  Not bad.

I figured that was a good opportunity to eat lunch.  While I was eating, the fog finally broke and the sun came out.  Also my Clif bar gave me a motivational speech.


Since the sun was out, it took a little longer to do the other eight and a half miles down to the NOC.  I could finally take some pictures and videos that were worth sharing.  

About a mile and a half uphill from Tellico Gap is the Wesser Bald tower.  I’m glad the sun came out before I’d made it there.

Wesser Bald Tower video



While I went up to the tower, 6’12” decided to keep going.  Apparently he just wants to hike without any of the benefits of his long climbs.

So, I started down the trail on my own and enjoyed the solitude for a while.  Except when the woman who went up the fire tower after me started screaming (verbatim) “HOLY TOLEDO!!  I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD.  OH EM GEE!!”  See, weird stuff at towers.

Here are a few pictures from my trip down into the NOC.



Here’s a video from a great view on the descent.

Agro Crag video

So, as I mentioned earlier, 6’12” skipped the tower and headed down the mountain.  I spent about an hour on the tower so he had a pretty good head start.  I finally caught up with him and saw him on the other side of a valley.  I yelled at him and he didn’t answer.  I remembered he had his ear buds in, so this happened…

Stalking a 6’12” video (Foul language)

You’re welcome.

We made it into NOC around 5:00.  This is what was happening when we got here.

River People video

Wiggy picked us up around 7:00 and took us back to the lodge.  We were fairly beaten after a long, awesome day.  Sleep shouldn’t be a problem.



One thought on “Day 20, March 30th

  1. Ok stalking a 6’12” was the best. The commentary sounding like the late Steve Irwin rest his soul was classic. I was right there. “Get closer” “A little bit more” “Oh crap you just about bit it” “Closer” “Closer” “Now poke him with your walking stick” OMG you scared the crap out of him. You can only imagine what was going through 6’12″s mind as he is jamming to Hall and Oates. “Watch out boy she’ll chew you up.She’s a man eater. I cense there is something behind me…… Oh dear god it’s Boomer. Hehehehe. I think he is going to need a clean pair of hiking shorts. Love it.


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