Another Plug


If you’ve been following along, you know that we had a cancer scare a few weeks ago.  I decided to try to raise money for Susan G. Komen while hiking the trail.  So far, we’ve got a little over $650 pledged.  It sounds good; but, in reality, it’s three families who have each pledged $0.10/mile, one of them being my wife and I.

Just a reminder that this effort could really help out a great cause.  The pledge is simply that, a pledge.  You won’t be asked to give the money until I’ve completed my hike which should be nearly five months from now.  A penny a mile is $21.89.

Cut one Starbucks coffee out of your life each month between now and when I finish and help a great cause.  Instructions are simple – send an email to with your name(s) the way you’d like it/them displayed on the fundraising webpage and your pledge amount.  We’ll keep track of everyone and when I’m done, we’ll let you know how much you owe at that time (hopefully a multiple of 2,189) and provide you with a link to make your donation directly to Susan G. Komen through my fundraising page.

Thanks for your support!

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